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Our service regiment was developed having kept in mind our own experience as professionals in leading the operations of hospitals, medical practices, non-acute care environments, for profit and non profit organizations, academic, regional and community health systems, with both clinical and managerial responsibilities. Over the years these experiences taught us that most major decisions, actions, or initiatives in healthcare have a long reaching effect on multiple levels of the organization. In many cases, a good idea on paper may fail in execution over time because of unforeseen circumstances or lack of a broader base of process considerations. Strategy applies in every key decision an organization executes. The key to successful strategy is the ability to comprehensively assess the implications of market, operations, clinical, technology, and regulatory influences.

The Blendbase Group, LLC offers a spectrum of business and technical services to healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. Our primary focus is to build the business strength, market performance, and long-term sustainability of our clients operations through a proven set of experience and value-based services.

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