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Technology & Systems

Today, it’s clear. The performance of providers unable to effectively define strategies, acquire best fit technology, successfully adopt, implement, and manage technology in actually achieving its intended objective will fall indefinitely behind those that do. The convergence of computer science and medical science is prevalent across the continuum of patient care, invasive, non-invasive, diagnostic, therapeutic or otherwise. From executives, administrators, their staff, physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, and all payers, all are almost totally reliant on it use and effectiveness for success. While the subject and application of technology is becoming more prevalent in the teaching regimes of medical schools, the medical software industry is still not sufficiently mature – and our knowledge and adeptness are even less evolved. 

The promises to medicine are enormous – but equally are the challenges and disparities. The costs and risks are high, as providers must take precautions and be careful which technology actually works as claimed, and then of that subset of technology, which provides what we term the “best local fit”. Unnecessary, unused, and unproven technology can be financially devastating to an organization and absorb resources they cannot afford to replace.

Our resources include physicians and IT leaders in the business of clinical architecture having designed, developed, and successfully implemented medical technology and systems from the ground up. We clearly understand the capabilities of current technology, industry needs and expectations, the risks, and the processes in planning and adopting proper technology from both provider and payer perspectives.

Professional Services

  • Clinical Systems Design
  • IT Project Implementation
  • Applications Development and Migration
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • EMR Design and Implementation
  • Outsource Assessment Management
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Software and Vendor Negotiations
  • CPOE
  • Medical Group/IPA Systems
  • IT ROI Analysis
  • Adverse Event Management Technology
  • Hospital and Payer Systems
  • Product Evaluation







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