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Academic Services

Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) are the affiliations between university-based medical schools, research organizations, and their hospitals, clinics, and other patient care facilities. As industry leaders responsible for the education and training of qualified physicians, AMCs are viewed by regional and national healthcare communities as providing state of the art medicine, much to the uninsured, and uncompromised translational and clinical research advancing patient care at increasingly effective levels. The broad responsibilities among AMCs begin with the medical schools difficult task of determining both volume and specialty of physicians necessary to adequately meet healthcare needs across the industry. AMCs responsibilities continue through a balanced cycle of perpetual education and skill application, research independence and networking, and seamless coordination of clinical care delivery. Pressures have grown across AMCs in recent years driven by increased chronic illnesses, complexity and specialization, focus on patient safety, healthcare costs, and demands for accountability and quality. At the core of all these activities is the academic department chair, having both the responsibility and dependency across key attributes of a thriving academic medical organization.

Academic Services

The traditional focus of an AMC are expanding beyond its organizational borders. While there has been growth in interdependence across clinical departments within the organization, external collaborations, partnerships, and networks with other academic, non academic, and payer instititutions are becoming common, designed for the purpose of further improvement in care delivery and accountability and to better fulfill all academic missions. These new relationships require increased perfrormance transparency, the sharing of both ideas and data, a need for greater interorganizational trust, but most importantly, an embrace in the new organizational culture that is necessary to assure objectives are achieved.    

Professional Services

  • Physician Workforce Planning
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Team Facilitation and Problem Solving
  • Long Range Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Health System Design and Care Delivery
  • Regulatory and Legislative Support
  • Regional Network Development
  • Clinical Practice Operations
  • Facility Practice Plans
  • International Partnerships
  • Short Term Action Plans
  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Merger and Joint Venture Support
  • Revenue Optimization Plans







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